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What is a Teleclass?

By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Description: A teleclass is a conference call, like a chat line by phone. A leader or teacher heads up the conference call and keeps it organized. A teleclass is similar to a grad school seminar -- some lecture, some questions, some discussion.

The cost to call the bridge line is a standard long distance charge. There are no conferencing fees, so you just pay your long distance carrier whatever your rates are. Most carriers charge between $3-6 per hour for long distance, so your cost is minimal.

What's different about our teleclasses?

Our teleclasses size is limited to 10-20 participants because Jeanette has found that you can't get full benefits when too many participate.

We provide more support between calls. Perhaps you've taken a teleclass where you didn't get your questions answered on the call because too many callers interrupted. Then after the call, the leader disappeared without any contact. This is not the case with out teleclasses.

Our teleclasses last one hour and meet once a week for three or four weeks.

Some times, an outside expert in the weekly topic joins in for additional support. Our guest experts, like loan officers and real estate agents, help you with technical information.

Our teleclasses follow Jeanette Fisher's college course syllabi, so you get the same information and advantages of a real college course, right from your own home or office! Plus, if you’re far from the Los Angeles area, it would be impossible for you to get this information, which is only available here.

Teleclass Etiquette for Jeanette Fisher's Calls

Let’s enjoy our conference call and get the most benefits by following these guidelines:

Use a normal wired phone. Cell phones, speaker phones and cordless phones disrupt with static. If you must use a cordless phone, stay close to the base, and please, no washing dishes!

Call from a quiet location or use your mute button when not speaking. Traffic noise, children, and barking dogs disrupt the call. Put your dogs in another room. Try to get help with small children.

Please, turn off other phones: ringing cell or second phones sound extra shrill. If you’re a smoker or have heavy breathing, please hold the headset away from your mouth.

Disable Call Waiting  If you have call-waiting, please disable it before dialing in. For most phone companies, you disable call waiting by dialing *70 (that's star seven zero), waiting for the dial tone again, and then dialing the bridge number. For GTE and some other local phone companies, the method differs, check your phone system beforehand.

You may want to sit at your computer desk to see websites under discussion. You definitely will want to take notes and jot down your questions.

These calls have a scheduled time. If you call too early, you won’t be able to connect.

After connection, please wait a moment to see if any conversation is taking place. Then introduce yourself, for example: "Hi, this is Jeanette from Los Angeles." (Tell Jeanette beforehand if you want to use another name. We can help you set up an anonymous identify for the course.) Teleclasses get recorded for future use. Your attendance on the call means that you agree to be recorded for any future use.

It's all right to call in late. Just listen quietly to catch up and join in when you're ready.

The teleclass is discussion-based; Jeanette and guests discuss the topic and then invite you to ask your questions. The format, similar to a classroom, let’s you just sit back and listen or ask your questions when appropriate. You don't have to do a lot of talking, but make sure to ask if you need specific details.

When the class is over, feel free to say goodbye to everyone and then just hang up. When our time’s up, the call hangs up. That’s why I set up a private blog for further discussions.

Be nice! When you comment on something that another caller has said, please keep your comments positive. Remember, not all participants know what they’re talking about. That’s why they’re taking the class, for help!

Audio recording You may not record the call without express permission from Family Trust Publishing and Jeanette Fisher.

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