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 Home Selling Guide

How to Find a Listing Agent: With more houses on the market and fewer buyers, it's important to make select the right listing agent to sell your home. Home Selling Guide

Home sellers sometimes get overwhelmed with all the negative news and media stories. You may be concerned about the changing market and feel pressure to get your home sold before the market crashes. Relax and take a deep breath! You need to be realistic about selling your home. Home Selling Guide - Work with What You Have

Are you thinking about selling your home quickly "as is?" If you're selling your home as is, you need to know a few facts.  Selling a Home As Is

Sell your home fast with the right listing agent- beware of agents who "buy your listing." If you've never sold a home before, or if you've not had the best home selling experience, you might feel intimidated by high-pressure listing agents.
Home Selling Guide - Listing Cautions

Use a Prayer to St Joseph to Sell Your Home Fast? St Joseph Selling Home

Are you considering selling your home by yourself? Selling a Home by Yourself

Home Selling Checklist

Bathroom Remodeling Tips
Take a hard look at the bathrooms in your home and get busy remodeling to make buyers feel connected to your home. Buyers love remodeled bathrooms!
Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Selling Your Home

Sell Your Home in 3 Easy Steps: Get Ready, Stage, and Sell!
Every home seller wants to sell their home the painless way: without too much work, without legal hassles, and for maximum profit. You can break your home sale into three easy steps to make the process as pleasurable as possible. Ready-Stage-Sell Home

Real estate people and economists may not like the term "slow-down." They prefer the term "normalization." However, whatever you choose to call it, the market seems to have slowed considerably from its frenzied pace of the last few years. Normalization

Home Seller's Warranty
Now that the real estate market is cooling somewhat, you'll more likely to find your competitive home sellers offering a seller's warranty. But what exactly is a seller's warranty? How can a home warranty help sell your property? Home Warranties

Home Selling Advertising Trends
Among homebuyers surveyed, the number one source of information about the home they eventually bought was still their real estate agent. The annual report by the National Association of Realtors profiling home buyers and sellers reveals some interesting information about how and where to spend money when it comes to marketing homes. The study’s findings should be of interest to real estate agents and home sellers alike.  Advertising Trends

Are you truly happy in your home, in your neighborhood? Sometimes people think they're happy, when all they really are is comfortable and accustomed to where they are. It's human nature to be wary of changes, and moving your entire household and family is one of the biggest changes people can make. Think long and hard about the pluses and minuses of moving to a new home before you put your home on the market. After you've received an offer is NOT the time to come to the realization that you really don't want to move! Do You REALLY Want to Sell and Move - or Should You Stay and Add On?

Home buyers have more houses to choose from and select the home that stands out from the other houses they preview. These quick home selling tips will help you attract a buyer:  Sell Your Home Fast -10 Quick Home Selling Tips

Home Seller Tip: Who Is Your "Target Buyer?"  PDF Excerpt opens in new  window from Family Trust Publishing.

Home Selling Tips
Home sellers who pay close attention to the details that home buyers want will sell for more money and help sell a home in record time. Home Sellers: Three Spaces that Pay You to Redesign

Wallpaper Madness Keeping Your Home on the Market?
Home buyers prefer their own choice of wallpaper. Also, many wallpapers make homes appear cluttered and sometimes even smaller! How to Strip Wallpaper

Don't Be Tempted by "We Buy Houses" and Real Estate Investors (like me). Yes! We buy houses! If you want to sell your house thousands below market value, call Jeanette Fisher. However, if you want to sell your home for top dollar- fast, you need to sell to a home buyer who wants to live in your home. The Truth about "WE BUY HOUSES"

POWER Home Selling Words
The results may be very pleasant, and very profitable. In fact, just uttering these power words can potentially put thousands of dollars into your pocket--without having to become a tough, no-nonsense real estate negotiator. Home Sellers: POWER Negotiating Words Can Make You Thousands

Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Preparing Your Home for Sale
Money spent updating your kitchen rewards you better than any other upgrade to your home. You don't need to completely remodel your kitchen to sell your home. What ever your budget for preparing you home for sale, little changes like [Prepare Your Kitchen]

Create a Sales Flyer that Sizzles
Don't use tired, old fashioned advertising methods. Copy the advertising masters--Internet marketers! Sales Flyer

What is Home Staging with Design Psychology?
Find out the difference between home staging and HOME STAGING with Design Psychology.  Take staging to the next level for TOP DOLLAR SALES! Home Staging

Dressed to SELL
Dressing your house to sell

Avoid Pitfalls in the Sale of Your Home
After you sign the sales contact, keep your home staged for the appraisal!

Improve Your Credit Before You Get a New Mortgage
Start now by checking what's on your credit and get ready for that new mortgage.
You can save thousands on loan and interest costs.

Why You Need a Lender to Sell Your Home
Here's something many home sellers never think about that can make your life easier.

How can Design Psychology help me sell my home?
College Seminars and Teleclasses

Renovations that Pay by Jeff Tompkins
Our guest author, also a mortgage broker for teachers, tells you what he thinks are good investments for home remodeling..

What Your Real Estate Agent Won't Tell You (also by Jeff Tompkins)
"This article is so good, I wish I wrote it! When you find an agent who will tell you this information, hire that agent."- Jeanette

Free newsletter and report "Design Psychology for Selling Houses."
"Get this report before we decide Jeanette's giving away too much information and remove the offer." -Ted Blake, Publisher

How would you like to sell your home in three hours, for more than the asking price?

What is ReDesign?
Find out what ReDesign means and how you can make more money without spending your profits.

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