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Credit Help!

Get the Credit You Need to Buy Real Estate

“An amazing little book with secrets very few people know, even professionals. Jeanette Fisher's easy steps to improving your credit help with both raising your score and lowering your debt-to-income ratio. This means you qualify for a better loan (more money, lower payments)!”  —Rob Kramarz, Captain, Business Leaders' Loan Team, NationWide Mortgage  Email  Websites: and


Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars

Using Design Psychology to Increase Real Estate Profits

Learn how to find, finance, fix & sell distressed properties

The only book to reveal an interior designer's secrets to making top dollar in real estate.


"Jeanette Fisher is a genius when it comes to residential design that creates joy. Now, she turns her expertise to design that makes you money. You must read her books if you want to make a fortune in real estate!"  – Coach Char Jones, Cincinnati, OH


Joy to the Home

Secrets of Interior Design Psychology

Helps you understand how the elements of residential design affect your happiness. Learn how interior design details influence your emotions and how to create a joyful home.


Joy to the Home Planner

Discover the Art of Residential Design Psychology

Once you understand the science, it’s time to discuss the artistic side of residential design. Just as master artists study the physical body and anatomy, your background education in Design Psychology prepares you with underlying theory. The practice or application of design details is the Art of Interior Design Psychology.

Glorious Living Spaces

Shape Your Environment with Design Psychology

(What is Design Psychology and how will it Help Me?)

Tips for your home, office, business, and real estate


Introduction to Design Psychology

Designing for Emotional Well-being and Productivity

University Textbook


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Sell Your Home for Top Dollar ― FAST!

Interior Design Psychology Secrets for Optimum Selling in Any Market

Design Psychology and Marketing Psychology tips help you sell your home quickly for more money than you ever dreamed.


Saving Sara: Love Heals tells the true story about the Fisher's daughter who overcame grave illnesses caused by toxic seizure medicines with the help of her family.

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Joy to the Home

Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars

Credit Help!

Saving Sara

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