Cutting Edge Design Marketing Tips for Selling Your Home -- FAST!

Design Psychology is a new method for interior design that excites the buyer to buy your house!

  • Discover which colors, furnishings, and props compel buyers to buy homes.
  • Use Design Psychology and Marketing Psychology to help you get a higher sales price.
  • Learn how to avoid the mistakes most sellers make in selling their home.

Our senses respond to our home’s design. Details such as lighting and our psychological responses to light, color and its psychological factors, patterns and reactions to patterns, textures and the sense of touch, furniture and arrangement for human comfort, sounds and repercussions, scents & sentiments, embellishments and emotional undercurrents entice a buyer to say YES!

Dressing your house for success speeds the sale of the property. We sold the house on the cover of "Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars" in three hours! Design Psychology goes beyond neat and clean to spectacular! Design Psychology makes the buyer feel like they can't live without YOUR home.

What types of "Props" make this happen?

Design Psychology uses color instead of bland white walls, props to entice buyers, and Marketing Psychology to sell faster and for more money. The secret to success is making the house outshine the competition using design details based on the psychological response of the prospective buyer.

Buyers may not notice the design details used but they "feel" happy in the home and just have to have it, even though it costs more than the house next door.

  • What are the psychological factors that influence a buyer’s decision?
  • How can you turn your "dog house" into a "doll house?"
  • What are the costs of transforming your home into a buyer’s dream house? 
  • Will you make up the money in the sales price?
  • How do I "set the stage" for a quick sale at a great price?
  • How does Design Psychology differ from Feng Shui?
  • Should I list my home with a traditional broker or with a lower commission, Internet Broker?

Even if your home is listed with an agent, you can get your asking price, sooner, and motivate your buyer to close.

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