Create a Sales Flyer that Sizzles . . .

Discover how to create a powerful real estate for sale sales flyer.


Did you know that it is the sales flyer that mostly sells a house? Get the edge you need to sell your home for top dollar and sell your home fast by creating a dynamic sales flyer.

Most real estate agents use a format for making their flyers. They list features, amenities, price, and contact information (usually with a big photo of themselves).

Buyers do not care how beautiful your agent is! They want to know why your house is better than every other house in the neighborhood. Buyers want to know what your house can do for them!

If your home is listed, check the flyer your agent made and see if you can jazz it up for sizzling impact. Make sure all your amenities are listed. Our busy real estate agent made a flyer for our home and forgot to list "Waterfront!"

There is one sales technique that most real estate agents ignore when they make flyers—BENEFITS. Like the powerful sales letters you see on websites, create a powerful selling flyer that tells the benefits to the buyer.

Partial Benefits List:

1.  Enjoy Your Private Park-Like Garden

2.  Get the Space You Need to  S p r e a d  Out

3.  Live in a Romantic Hideaway

4.  Sleep without Traffic Noise

5.  Walk to Schools, Parks, & Shopping

6.  Get the Sellers to Pay Your Closing Costs

7.  Buy with No Money Down

8.  Move in without Having to Paint or Fix a Thing

9.  Swim in Your Private Lagoon

10. Enjoy Your Personal Luxury Spa

Do you see a pattern? Action verb with benefit to the buyer followed by feature.

After you make your list of benefits and features, take a photograph of your home with the entrance as the focal point. Cut out any surrounding homes or ugly trash cans. Make sure no cars are parked in the way.

Put your major benefit as the heading above the photograph and the next important benefit under the photograph in bold, big type.

Next, list your benefits and features. At the bottom, give the other important information like a list of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, garage, etc. Leave room for another feature, such as great financing to make bold and big. Put your phone number on the bottom so it is easy to find.

Limited Offer:

If you want help creating a sizzling sales flyer, send me your rough draft including a list of all the benefits of your home that you can think of that make a difference to the new homeowner. I will help you design a sizzling sales flyer in exchange for using your flyer as an example in my upcoming book (without your personal information, if you so desire). Email Jeanette.

Cheers to Your Successful Sale!

(c) Copyright 2005 Jeanette J. Fisher  All rights reserved.

Jeanette Fisher, Design Psychology Professor
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